These Days Modern Vehicles are Highly Advanced and EV’s (Electric Vehicles) are the way of the Future.

Here at Cameron Panelbeaters we strive to keep up with modern technology and are actively monitoring the progression of EV Vehicles and the collision repair processes we must follow when one has had a collision.

Staff here are highly trained in the ‘safety’ and ‘handling’ of these vehicles after they have been involved in a collision. You can trust that at Cameron – your EV is going to be treated in the correct manner.

When your EV arrives, it may have to go into a de-energised state and into an Isolation Bay. We have one of these Isolation Bays located at our 2nd site across from the main workshop.

We also have a fully equipped EV charging station that suits all EV models – so when you come and collect your EV after the repairs have been completed, it will be fully charged for your convenience.

Please do not hesitate to ask us about EV vehicles and how collision repairs are handled in a professional manner by our team.

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