Your vehicle suspension is essential to safe braking, steering and driving systems. At Cameron Panelbeating Ltd, we have precision suspension repair and wheel alignment equipment which enables us to provide a full repair and replacement service for all suspension systems.

Suspension Repairs after an Accident

The suspension in your car is what ensures a comfortable and smooth ride. When your suspension is working correctly, all four tyres of your car remain close to the road ensuring that your vehicle’s braking and steering are in sync., and fully functional and effective.

Even the smallest accident has the potential to damage your vehicle’s suspension. That’s why, as part of our automotive repair service, we inspect and, if necessary, repair your suspension.

The shock absorbers and the springs are the main components to your vehicle’s suspension system. We ensure these, along with other parts such as suspension bushes, tie rod ends, and ball joints, are working perfectly for your safety, and for your confidence next time you need a WoF.

General Suspension & Shock Absorber Repairs

  • Do your vehicle’s tyres show unusual wear and tear, i.e. balding in one area?
  • Is there fluid leaking from your shock absorbers?
  • When you apply your vehicles brakes, does the vehicle dip forward?
  • Do you find your vehicle’s not handling as it should, especially when going around corners?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, you need a vehicle suspension check.

It’s not just after an accident that your vehicle’s suspension may be compromised. General wear and tear or hitting a bump at speed can mean an adjustment is needed. Our team can inspect your suspension and have your car driving good again in no time.

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