Alloy wheels and rims look great but damage easily. A collision with another vehicle or even accidentally hitting the curb can lead to scratches that detract from the look of your vehicle. It can also put your vehicle’s wheels out of alignment and you and your passengers at risk.

At Cameron Panelbeaters Ltd, we can have your alloy wheels sparkling again and, most important, safe to drive on.

Wheel Scratch Repairs

Our experienced team are able to repair any scratches on your alloy wheels or wheel rims and have them looking like new again. Even deeply embedded scratches can be removed returning your alloy wheels and rims to first class condition.

Wheel Alignments

Correct wheel alignment is vital to a vehicle’s safety, fuel efficiency, and tyre life. Your wheels can be put out of alignment by things as simple as bumping into a kerb, driving over a pothole, or going over speed bumps too fast.

If your vehicle feels like it is pulling to one side, or if it veers off to the side when you remove your hands from the steering wheel, it may mean the wheels are out of alignment.

We have specialised equipment that will enable us to assess and correct your vehicle’s wheel alignment.

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